Grown-up Fun

Ever caught yourself looking at kids playing around and wishing you could be as worry-free and just have all the fun in the world? Know those moments when you’re looking at a swing in a playground or a cool toy in a shop and secretly wishing you could just jump at it. Play. Laugh. Have fun?

Well you know what, it’s time to grow-up from being too grown-up. Life’s too short to keep that inner-child hidden beneath the grown-up gown.

I released my inner child last weekend in a trampoline park, where I went with two other grown-up friends, and without any children for cover-up. We got so excited jumping around, tossing soft balls at each other and falling down that we forgot to worry about being grown-ups doing kids’ stuff. We were just having a good laugh. And it felt amazing!

Being a grown-up, an adult, is excellent fun because you get to decide for yourself what you’re gonna do. As a kid, you probably had to beg your parents to buy you that new toy you desired, take you to a fun park or to a playground, and have your parents shouting their warnings at you. As a grown-up, you can climb any tree you wish to, swing as fast as you can and jump around to your heart’s desire. If you catch other people giving you a look of disapproval, so what? They are just jealous you’ve let your inner child out while they are still holding it in.

It can be so much fun being a grown-up, I highly recommend trying it out!


How Do You Know What’s Normal

IMG_5477In lyrics of my all time favorite band, there were always deeply philosophical thoughts and provocations. One of the songs has struck in my head lately, questioning normality. The person in the song is pondering how living a normal life  seems like an endless dream which can be tolerated, but how do you know what will be normal tomorrow?

It doesn’t make much sense to seek to be normal – to be as others expect you to be  – because there’s no knowing how to please others endlessly.

For many years in my life I tried living “like everyone else”. I did what I thought was expected of me, was trying to be normal. I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t necessarily unhappy either, but I wasn’t living my life. Then I met someone who was living a completely unnormal life – unconventional, unique, uncommon life. That encounter opened my eyes to realize it is possible to define my own life, live it the way that feels right for me.

That was over 8 ago, and although I had already done some unconventional life changes previously, the sense of “normality” had still always been present in my decision making. I see that now as a period and steps of preparation and courage gathering, for the future self-defined life.

When I realized that I don’t need to be just like everyone else, that I don’t need to want the same things from my life as others do, I became free. I was liberated to live my own life, define my own path. This Saturday morning, living one my newly-established traditions of reading the weekend’s newspaper by the pool soaking in the sun, I was truly appreciating my life choices. Not just because I have eternal sunshine available, but because I’m living a life of my own choice. I’ve had options, I’ve had hesitations, but I’ve made my own decisions listening to no one but myself.

I trust I’ve become a better person since I’ve learned to listen to my self and executing my desires. I’m living my life, a life that suits me and which lets me be me. I’m not being held back by the definitions given by others or by their expectations.

There’s nothing wrong being normal if that’s the right thing for you. But it doesn’t have to be desired. It also shouldn’t be something to seek. As the song reminds, who knows what’s going to be normal tomorrow. Life your life today. Your life.