Who I am

It’s such an existential question, literally, and one which has led me to create this blog. Who am I?

I commonly refer to myself as a global native, which to me describes my passion to the planet and me feeling “at home” everywhere. I’ve lived in 7 countries, traveled in many more and speak 5 languages although none quite as well as I’d like. One way to put it – I don’t travel to find myself, I travel because I have found myself.

IMG_4105I have a master’s degree in philosophy and with or without that title, deep inside of me lives a philosopher. Eternally seeking for wisdom and truth, I thrive for development and improvements. I do dream of a world filled with happiness and peace and want to do my share for achieving it. I’m an idealist in my heart with a pragmatic approach.

Sustainability and responsible business are my professional credentials and I believe in achieving sustainable development through engaging the private sector into the developmental work. Partnerships are the solution for a sustainable way forward.

I am many. There’s no one box or a category I fit in nor would I want to. I am serious about my work and push for sustainable development. I won’t give up on hope and remain optimistic the world can become a better place for all to live in. The world is a beautiful place with incredible people inhabiting it and in everything I do, privately or professionally, I try to appreciate and embrace all that is positive and create more happiness around me.


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