Raffles Here, and There, Absolutely Everywhere

Welcome to Singapore, to the Raffles – City state. Founded by Mr. Raffles, Singapore is extremely fond of showing this heritage. If you had never heard of Raffles before, it’s a name you won’t be able to forget after visiting Singapore.

Raffles is absolutely everywhere here. Hotels, shopping malls, plazas, restaurants, bars and who knows whats are named after him. Make a meeting and it’s likely to be at Raffles something. Which is so very confusing. (loud sigh). It’s not just once or twice that I’ve gone to a wrong place first because I got confused whether the meeting was at Raffles Place or Raffles Plaza or Raffles City or just at a street address with a Raffles in it.

In Vietnam I was always confused with addresses cause they were incomprehensible to me, all almost the same but different and unpronounceable. Dien Bien Phu, Huong Vuong, Tran Hung Dao, Le Hong Phong, Hong Bang, To Hien Thang etc. I kept getting the parts of the name mixed up all the time, and even if I got it right my pronounciation was never right. Ever been to Vietnam, you’ll understand. Thailand has tones as well but they are rather easy with street names – only using a name for the few big streets and just soi + number for the side streets. Piece of cake.

But the naming policies are rather interesting, truth be told. And offer an insight into the history and heritage of the place too. Vietnam proudly recognized many of its soldiers, artists and statesmen. Singapore has had less time in all its 51 years of existence.


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Outi Annala

A sustainability-enthusiast with a master's degree in social sciences and experienced working for public and private sectors and for an international Non-profit organization. Writing about life and all that matters in living a life to the fullest. Passionate about engaging the private sector to the development work, promoting partnerships between companies and non-profit organizations and initiating discussion and debates. Excited about life and living it to the fullest.

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