Getting Started

That’s always the tricky part, isn’t it? Getting started. With a new task at work, chores at home, getting out of bed in the morning, writing a blog.

We all have things we like to pass on to tomorrow if they don’t necessarily need to be done today. Are we lazy? Perhaps. Or perhaps our body and mind have developed this as a coping strategy for the hectic lifestyles we lead.

My work requires lots of planning and re-planning, coordination with team members, meetings and multi-tasking that after work I have absolutely no desire to have any schedules or responsibilities. I let my mind live in the moment, do what I get a feeling for doing. Sports, catching up with friends, reading or writing.

Plans and schedules for the “free time” can help to get the most out of it though. Because without some prior thinking as to what my mind or body might tell me they want after work, I might not be able to arrange it anymore. Best is to have an array of options and then go with the flow. Get started and then live on.


Published by

Outi Annala

A sustainability-enthusiast with a master's degree in social sciences and experienced working for public and private sectors and for an international Non-profit organization. Writing about life and all that matters in living a life to the fullest. Passionate about engaging the private sector to the development work, promoting partnerships between companies and non-profit organizations and initiating discussion and debates. Excited about life and living it to the fullest.

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